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Everything I Ever Wanted 

was created with a mission. As two sisters who are curvy and stylish, we were well aware we did not fit the fashion world’s body standard of beauty. Although hearing a lot of rhetoric on social media about the new acceptance of “plus size” women, we still did not see meaningful change in the industry. Consistently being redirected to back-of-store racks or online stores, and unable to express our true selves, we decided to set out and start a brand that would revolutionize the shopping experience by providing on-trend pieces in ALL sizes, tested for comfort AND style, and readily available —----- Everything I Ever Wanted

Everything I Ever Wanted stands for


Attainable for everyone, regardless of size, income, or gender. We believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful, confident, and empowered. Starting with just two pieces of clothing, we expanded with pieces that make you feel confident and ready to take on your busy day or attend your next soiree. Every detail is made with YOU in mind. 

Change Over Profits

Our ultimate goal is to challenge the status quo and shake the fashion industry. We aim to be the reason our competitors adapt and change to being truly inclusive. Our purpose is to create clothes people love and that represents all. Everything I Ever Wanted’s purpose is the new standard in the way all-shaped women are perceived and a safe space for all to come together and shop!